Children will often embrace the idea of moving if they are involved in the process. Here are some tips that will help your children before, during and after the relocation process.
Talk to your children and explain about the upcoming move. Pay attention to their reactions and let them ask questions.
Include your children in making plans for the move. For example, take them house-hunting with you.
Help your children learn about the new area.
Let them help decide how their new rooms are to be arranged and decorated.

Moving with Pets
Because pets have an instinctive fear of new surroundings, pet owners want to help them adjust quickly. The following tips will help do just that.

Transportation of Pets

Pets cannot be shipped on moving vans.

Moving Electronics
We can facilitate the transportation of all your electronic equipment including computers, printers, big screen TVs, surround sound systems, DVDs, VCRs and CD players. We recommend using a third-party service to properly prepare a plasma TV for transport.